Vicki Rosenbaum, Ph. D.

Medical Marketing Research Moderator

Qualitative Experience
Therapeutic Experience

With over 14 years of Medical Marketing Research experience, and a Ph.D. in Applied Social Research, I bring a wealth of experience to research projects. While I have been involved in all aspects of research, my true calling is in moderating where I am able to tease out what isn’t obvious or being “said” by the respondent. I call it "doing the dialogue dance."

"Doing the Dialogue Dance"

Interviewing is a bit like dancing, but with speech. I am a knowledgeable partner and have the ability to go with the flow of the dialogue, but equally important, I am able to lead the dialogue in order to provide meaningful research with actionable outcomes.

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Contact Vicki at (706) 538-3031, vicki@vickirosenbaum.com